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Patchell Stainless design and manufacture high grade stainless steel products from milk tankers through to kitchen rangehoods.

15,000 litre truck and 23,000 litre trailer units. One compartment with flow-through baffles. Four spray balls in the truck and six spray balls in the trailer. Built to a high quality food grade standard.


Whey Trailers

20,000 litre non-food graded product. Complete with specially designed stainless steel spray bar.


Dropbelly Trailers

Three-compartment 13,000 litre Ridged design with a built-in hydraulic pump, pneumatic handrail and valance. 25,000 litre drop belly design with a pneumatic handrail, the trailer also has a built-in cabinet placed on the back of the trailer for uses such as tool box, or wet weather gear.


Demountable Units

Fully self contained tank able to be used on and off the truck. Diesel motor mounted at the back of the tank with a side pump beside it. An extra hydraulic tank is placed on the side of the tank. Lifting eyes placed on top of the tank makes for easy work removing and remounting the tank.


Fire Water Trucks

12,000 litres tank has specialised surge baffles inside designed to prevent water movement. Side mounted, motorised pumping gear. Site glass mounted on the back of tank to show water levels inside and a ladder carrier tray placed behind the truck cab.


Cladded Design

Insulation at 50mm thick designed for long haul. Cladding made from .9mm BA stainless.


Semi Unit

Four compartment 25,000 litre tank with a milk pump on back of unit.
Patchell-designed pneumatic handrail and valance.


Custom Design

Patchell Stainless are able to work with the customer to design stainless steel products for their requirements 

• Truck Ladders 
• Manifolds 
• Drawbar covers 
• CIP extentions 
• Lift Axles 
• Ribs 
• Lighting


Fabrication Design

We have a fabrication section for the manufacture and installation of high qulaity product from stainless steel to aluminium.

Our fabrication section can handle any sized job:

• Handrails
• Gates
• Benches
• Downpipes
• Feature pieces
• Restaurant kitchen fittings



Patchell Stainless carries an extensive range of stainless steel and aluminium products from nuts and bolts to sheets of steel.

We supply to the open public as well as customers orders and our workshop.


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55 Riri Street, Rotorua, New Zealand


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